There’s so much more to a garden than just

what you can see. The scent of a rose, the feel of a thistle, the rustling of leaves, the song of a bird.... 

Let’s explore!

20 QUEEN ST: A crinkle crackle wall marks the entrance to a cottage garden with lots of surprises! All is not what it seems…

WISTARIA HOUSE: Wizened branches  contrast with voluptuous wistaria blossom and provide the perfect overture to a walled garden full of flowers.

QUEEN ST COTTAGE GARDENS: A flower garden, tucked away  off Queen Street.

QUEEN ST COTTAGE GARDENS: A riot of roses and herbaceous plants create a heady mixture of colour, texture and scents in a tiny, walled cottage garden. What better proof that you don't need a large space to indulge your passion for plants?

WALPOLE HOUSE: The clink of crockery tells you that afternoon tea is being served in the sheltered courtyard on the upper level. Colourful borders provide a feast for the eyes on the lower level.

LEEZE HOUSE: New hedges and walls contrast with old apple trees in this newly planted garden. Linger over the tasteful soft creams, deep reds and pinks of the perennial border. and enjoy the riot of  colour in the annuals border.

HIDDEN GARDEN: A delightful garden, tucked away behind East Street, full of intense colour and sprinkled with many plants  useful in the kitchen.

THE CEDARS: A belvedere overlooks formal lawns, herbaceous borders and shrubberies. Textures and colours make this garden a visual delight and a round summerhouse provides the perfect setting to admire the cedar, holm oak and Judas trees dating from the early 19th C.

CROMWELL LODGE: A newly planted garden to discover while you seek out the bargains on offer on the plant stall

The Plant Stall!

Our plant stall is legendary!!

This year you will find the bargains at Cromwell Lodge on East Street. Don’t miss out!

PARKLANDS: Pop your head round the corner and discover a  parade of colour in the flower border!

ABBEYFIELD  The texture of gnarled apple tree branches in the orchard, spiky artichokes in the vegetable patch, the sound of water in the distance. A large informal garden with something for every sense.



The Trains!

BRYANDALE HOUSE: Close your eyes as you listen to the sound of the Bryandale  model Railway and you could be on the real Welsh Highland Railway!

EAST STREET: A real steam train! Right there in the garden!

Buzz, buzz, tweet….

The bee! 

A vivid dash of colour. A sound of summer…


Meet Michael Coe from Great Tilkey Honey in the garden of Abbeyfield - Gas Lane.

    Find out why bees are so important, 

    Discover what plants attract bees, 

    See how the bees  make honey.

75 QUEEN ST: A glorious cottage garden! The silvery sound of water, the heady scent of roses, a magical willow corridor and a perfect view of the church! What more could you ask for?

THE ALLOTMENTS: At the heart of Coggeshall's vegetable growing community! The Allotment and Garden Society was established over 50 years ago. It now has over 90 members.

COGGESHALL HOUSE: A secluded village garden with extensive lawns, terraced borders of mixed shrub and herbaceous planting, and many specimen trees. A large balustraded terrace and various hardwood benches provide an opportunity to relax, enjoy birdsong and watch the squirrels at play.

FIRMIN’S: Coggeshall’s former bakery. Lawn, patio, pond, raised vegetable beds… A, shady, peaceful retreat…  as long as the hens behave! Prepare for clucking and squawking!

DERWENT HOUSE: Light playing on the surface of the pool, contrasting shapes and textures in the shade of the pergola make this walled garden and the secret garden beyond a delight to explore.

And what about the birds? 


Birdsong marks the  start of each day. But can you identify the song of a nightingale or a blackbird?

Test yourself at Derwent House!


There are birds singing and bugs scuttling in all our gardens!!


Collect a sticker sheet and ask our gardeners for a sticker!




Make your way to Firmin’s on Church Street.




Cup of tea?


And so are our cakes and scones. 

Listen out for the clink of crockery and the clatter of cutlery and find a shady spot in the garden of Walpole House to enjoy a cream tea!

Ice cream?

The boys and girls at Absolute Angels Montessori Nursery have been busy planting  up sensory pots. You can see them on Stoneham Street.